Danong (Suzhou) Agricultural Science and Technology Co., Ltd. is committed to the development and sale of nutrient solution for hydroponic vegetable and fruit cultivation. On this basis, Danong provides consumers with carefully cultivated healthy, safe and pollution-free hydroponic vegetables, fruits and melons, and provides a complete set of hydroponic equipment and technology.




Years of Industry Technical Experience

    Established in 2011, Hong Kong Company has been continuously upgraded and improved through its team for more than ten years. Now it has the leading level and mature hydroponic vegetable and fruit nutrient solution and hydroponic planting technology. It has many professional hydroponic vegetable and fruit planting bases in Hong Kong, Zhongshan, Dongguan, Nantong and other places. Fruits and vegetables are supplied to Hong Kong, Shanghai and other surrounding cities, as well as to international high-end cruise ships.






Water-cultured vegetable and fruit nutrient solution

      The hydroponic vegetable and fruit nutrient solution developed by Danong can be applied to a variety of vegetables and fruits. It can be produced in strict accordance with GMP food and drug production quality management standards. It also meets the food standards of the United States and the European Union, and is insured by China Pacific Insurance Company.


Family hydroponic farm

       Danong put forward the concept of "family hydroponic farm", which not only enables consumers to eat green and healthy fresh vegetables and fruits without leaving home, but also enables consumers to experience the pleasure of hydroponic cultivation. Family hydroponics farms are not only functional, but also ornamental and educational, so that the public can grow knowledge, cultivate sentiment and experience the joy of planting in the process of hydroponics.